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Peachy Clean was founded in 2015, after leaving a career in Purchasing to spend more time with my young family I was seeking work that was flexible around school hours and was shocked to discover that little to no employers offered that. So I set about a small cleaning service entirely alone and found that I relished the client meetings, building relationships and wanting to do more than expected. As I got busier I found I needed an extra set of hands and with no previous management experience and a burning entrepreneurial spirit I didn't know I had, the foundations of Peachy Clean were starting to be laid.

6 years on and we've spent time developing our core values that relate to us through every level of the business, as employers, service providers and personally too: Authentic, Responsible, Fairness, Contribution and Elite.

We run with professionalism and empathy, connecting with staff, customers and suppliers with authenticity. We have found that being true to ourselves and our values our team naturally are too, we only offer fixed contracts to our staff, working alongside Peninsula ensuring our team are covered by HR and given fair pay and time off, looked after with additional health benefits. We are rewarded with an elite team, providing an excellence in service with a built in intuition. They want to contribute to our local community as much as we do, taking part in charity events and fundraising in our local area. Seeing the bigger picture and taking the responsibility we all have to care for our planet and being excited about using eco-friendly products and cutting down on plastic waste.


What makes us different?

Well isn't that a good question and you're right to ask! Here are just a few things that makes us Peachy...

Guaranteed Clean

We are human and sometimes things happen, we might be poorly or need a week off. This doesn’t mean that your clean is cancelled! Where we always try our very hardest to send the same cleaner to you on every visit, if for any reason they are off we will always offer another cleaner from our elite team so you don’t have to miss out on a clean.

Online Booking

Time is precious and life moves at a rate of knots. Perhaps you're busy at work and don't have time to pick up the phone and go back and forth trying to find a space for a clean? Our online booking system allows you to book and pay for one off or regular cleans without having to put you out. You can also book complimentary services such as oven or carpet cleans too!

Only Eco

We only ever use natural and non toxic products. Yes, they are more expensive but there isn't a price tag you can put on your health and the longevity of the planet. No toxins in your home mean a cleaner and clearer environment for you and your nearest and dearest. This is something we aren't willing to quibble on.


If I can't pin you down to do a walk around of your home or office, or it just isn't practical we offer a virtual walk through. Happy to FaceTime or Whatsapp call you so we can go through the property virtually saving you time.

100% Satisfaction

Our team are incredible. They work so hard and make us so proud with the work they do. We believe in them so much we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every clean (have a look at our FAQs for more information). 

Our Values

Our core values are strong, they are titanium. We have strong morals in doing the right thing. This runs right through our business from having highly trained and motivated team members who are all DBS checked and employed. That means we can guarantee fair wages and minimum hours contracts, keeping our economy going.

Customer Service

Our customer service is top notch. When you're happy, we're happy. We understand the importance of referrals and we want you to shout from the rooftops how much you love Peachy Clean. Not just because we are the very best cleaners around, but because we offer the most incredible customer service.

''From the outset Alyce was amazing. She listened to what we needed and formulated a plan.
We agreed the plan and a date and left Alyce to organise the rest.
Wednesday the team turned up and set to work. Both myself and my Wife we're at work but we felt very comfortable leaving the key with Alyce.
When we arrived home that evening.... wow!!!
My house had truly become my home, no smell of strong bleach or industrial cleaning products, but a fresh, clean air to the house.
This single clean has made such a huge difference to our lives, Alyce and her team will never know the massive impact they have had on our lives.
Chances are I will never see or meet the girls that clean so I can't thank them personally, but if you are reading this then thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The small touches were great, folded ends of the toilet paper with a thank you stickers on, was just one of them.
Cleaners...no, definitely not. Life changers, yeah, I feel that suits better. Keep up the awesome work and never underestimate the power in the service you guys provide.''
James - Newark


Will you send the same cleaner each time?
We will always send the same members of staff to you for each and every clean (taking into account holidays, sickness and internal restructures) which will not only build a relationship between you and your cleaner but will enable them to know your house and any preferences you have without you having to ask. In case of the above mentioned absences, we have a system enabling us to keep your bespoke cleaning plan and the facility to leave notes and pictures in the event of another member of the team covering your regular member of staff. For added peace of mind, our team are uniformed, DBS checked and most importantly employed on a contractual basis and therefore providing further security for your cleans but also the economy.
Are you insured?
Yes. Absolutely. If you ever require a copy of the insurance documents (eg some businesses need this) please contact us. What's more, all of our team are DBS checked, so you can rest assured your property will be in the safest of hands.
What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?
We want you to be elated with every clean that you have, and we are so certain of our high standards we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While we don’t offer refunds on services that have been provided we will return and re-clean any areas of concern that are reported to us within 12 hours of our cleaning. We will need to return and clean that area within a further 24 hour window to make sure we have you're happy. Please be aware that if a customer has provided a restriction on time this will not be covered by our satisfaction guarantee. If your home is particularly untidy or dirty we will do all we can to contact you on the day to discuss how you would like to proceed, if we are unable to make contact with you, we will do what we can whilst we're at the property but this will not be covered by our guarantee.
Are pets at home OK?
Whilst we are all animal lovers, we always say it's best to keep pets in a safe place while we clean. A hoover can be unnerving for the most placid of animals. Any animals that show signs of aggression towards our staff will result in immediate termination of the clean and full price charged.
What if I'm ill?
Please report any contagious illness to us so we can cancel or re-arrange your clean. Our staff would rather not contract illnesses and pass them on to their families or other clients. 

What if I need to cancel?

If you give less that 48 hours notice to cancel your clean or we are unable to gain access to the property on the day of you clean you will be charged the full amount.

What are your pricing and payment terms?
Number of Hours and pricing will be agreed prior to 1st clean to meet your requirements, any additional time required will be charged at the full hourly rate. To allow you to plan and to ensure we can continue to offer you the highest quality service we will give you a minimum 1 months’ notice for any increase with every attempt to only have 1 increase per year on 1st April. Unless agreed otherwise, payment is by direct debit on 28th of each month for that months clean. Invoices will be sent via email by 14th of the month. All prices & invoices include VAT at current rate.
Do you clean biohazardorous waste?
We do not clean or dispose of any bio hazard or medical waste, this includes (but isn’t limited to); animal faeces, litter trays, human faeces, used nappies, blood, oil or chemicals, soiled bandages or needles. If we come across any such waste that area will not be cleaned. As a company it is our policy to adhere to very strict health and safety regulations to protect our staff and our customers.
What about breakages?
We clean day in, day out and so the law of averages tells us sometimes accidents happen. We ask that any antique, irreplaceable, hard to find or sentimental items are removed prior to your clean as these are not covered by our insurance policy. Peachy Clean are not responsible for any damage incurred by the improper installation, upkeep or general wear and tear of any object. All surfaces are assumed sealed, if you are aware of any surface not sealed or treated please notify us immediately so we may clean it correctly. 
Do you have shut down periods?
Peachy Clean is closed on all bank holidays and alongside the Nottinghamshire school holidays between Christmas and New Year and the last week of August. These are contracted periods of holidays for our team. Should your clean fall on any of these days (except over the Christmas and New Year period) we will do all we can to reschedule your clean for another day that week. If you pay standing order and your clean falls on a bank holiday and cannot be rescheduled it is your responsibility to cancel the payment for that clean. 
Do you move furniture?
Our staff are so important to us, and their health and safety is paramount, Therefore we don’t climb ladders any more than 2 steps or move anything heavier than 35 pounds. These types of activities put our staff in danger of back injury. If you would like behind the sofa etc cleaning please could you move it prior to our arrival to allow access.

- About us -


Owner and face of Peachy Clean!

Normally found running round from one meeting to the next or with a phone glued to her ear. Customer Service is her thing and she will do everything it takes to make sure you are pleased as punch with Peachy!


Operations Manager

Jessica has been a loyal member of the team and has worked her way up the business. You will see her spot checking and managing the team making sure everything in the world of Peachy runs smoothly! 


Meet Georgia! Her customer service skills are impeccable and her goal is to be precise, thorough, professional and all smiles! Her cleaning skills are top notch and her happiness is infectious!


Here we have Becky, she takes so much pride in her work and is incredible at her job. She loves to make your home run like clockwork and is eager to please and wants to leave everything looking just Peachy.


Introducing Julie! Julie looks after our commercial clients making sure she goes way above what is expected keeping all your offices looking gleaming and safely disinfected.


Jonny is our decorating and maintenance hero! Keeping your homes and holiday lets fresh, if you're looking for a qualified decorater then Jonny is your man!


Please meet Ange! With over 5 years' cleaning experience she knows just how to look after your home. With her devotion to the industry and keen interest in the newest products and techniques you're guarenteed a 5 star service every time.


The lovely Louise, she is not only a brilliant cleaner she does everything she can to make sure she's providing an excpetional customer service at all times. Fantastic cleaner, hard worker, so friendly and approachable - you really couldn't ask for more.


Here's Jess our resident night owl! Keeping offices, hairdressers and churches clean and disinfected and ready for action! Despite being an absolute angel, she is dirt and grimes worst nightmare!

Newark, Newark





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