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Founded in 2015, Peachy Clean is an award winning, eco-friendly cleaning company that strives for absolute perfection. Offering residential and commercial cleans, as well as oven cleaning and holiday home management we run with professionalism, understanding and discretion, connecting with staff, customers and suppliers with authenticity.

We have found that being true to ourselves and our values our team naturally are too, we boast having an elite team of cleaners providing an excellence in service with a built in intuition. Seeing the bigger picture and taking responsibility we all have to care for our planet and being excited to only use eco-friendly products and cutting down on plastic waste.

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service, doing all we can to ensure our customers are overwhelmed at the incredible standard of cleaning every single time and to ensure we cater for every need. We provide all eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment, provide a 100% satsfaction guarentee, DBS checked team and safe contractor approval we aim to provide you with an end to end service that will leave you feeling just Peachy.

What makes us different?

Well isn't that a good question and you're right to ask! Here are just a few things that makes us Peachy...

Award Winning

We are the winners of 2022's Newark Business Awards scooping the trophy for 'Employer of the Year'. We are also 3 times finialists for Business of the Year and have been awarded 'Commercial Cleaning Business of the Year' in 2022 for the Prestige Awards - blimey, that's quite a few awards!

Guaranteed Clean

We are human and sometimes things happen, we might be poorly or need a week off. This doesn’t mean that your clean is cancelled! If for any reason your cleaner is off we will always offer another cleaner from our elite team so you don’t have to miss out on a clean.

Online Booking

Time is precious and life moves at a rate of knots. Perhaps you're busy at work and don't have time to pick up the phone but desperatley need to sort out cleaning, no problem! Book your meeting with us online.

Only Eco

We only ever use natural and non toxic products. Yes, they are more expensive but there isn't a price tag you can put on your health and the longevity of the planet. No toxins in your home mean a cleaner and clearer environment for you and your nearest and dearest. This is something we aren't willing to quibble on.

100% Satisfaction

Our team are incredible. They work so hard and make us so proud with the work they do. We believe in them so much we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every clean (have a look at our FAQs for more information). 

Our Values

Our core values are strong, they are titanium. We have strong morals in doing the right thing. This runs right through our business from having highly trained and motivated team members who are all DBS checked and employed. That means we can guarantee fair wages and minimum hours contracts, keeping our economy going.

Customer Service

Our customer service is top notch. When you're happy, we're happy. We understand the importance of referrals and we want you to shout from the rooftops how much you love Peachy Clean. Not just because we are the very best cleaners around, but because we offer the most incredible customer service.

- About us -



Normally found running round from one meeting to the next or with a phone glued to her ear. Customer Service is her thing and she will do everything it takes to make sure you are pleased as punch with Peachy!


Operations Manager

Jess has been a loyal member of the team and has worked her way up the business. You will see her spot checking and managing the team making sure everything in the world of Peachy runs smoothly! 


Commercial Cleaner

Introducing Julie! Julie looks after our commercial clients making sure she goes way above what is expected keeping all your offices looking gleaming and safely disinfected.


Cleaning Team

Louise is now off on Maternity Leave until 2023 spending some very precious time with her family.


Senior Cleaner

Meet Kelly, she comes armed with lots of cleaning experience and a positive, calming attitude. Kelly is reliable and consistent and an A* Peachy Cleaner.


Senior Cleaner

Super speedy meets super thorough. Dreamy! Julie cares as deeply for the people in the homes as well as making it gleam. A true desire to please, and that she does!


Senior Cleaner

A real sweetheart and a keen eye for detail. Megan is a superstar cleaner and comes armed with a smile on her face and bags of enthusiasm to get your home in tip top condition.


Senior Cleaner

Tracey is such a speedy lady, she always has a smile on her face and has a big passion for detail whilst being as a efficient as possible. Consistent, efficient and warm. What more could you ask for?


Cleaning Team

Laura is our deep cleaning queen, she's amazing at getting stuck in and changing homes from grimy to shiny! She's friendly and thorough and is incredible at her job.


Holiday Home Cleaner

Here's our holiday home hero Jean! With a lifetime of experience under her belt and a keen eye for detail you can expect her to take her time and be super thorough leaving everything gleaming and holiday ready.



The 'original peach', commerical cleaning since 2016 and all round great guy. Supporting commercial cleans and holiday homes, maintenance and decorating he's a real awesome chap and we would be lost without him!


Cleaning Team

Chloe has flown through her probationary period and being a general ray of sunshine makes our day. She has been a very welcome asset to the team and we love having her on board.


Cleaning Tean

Introducing Chelsey!! She's jumped in head first. Oven's are her thing, she's taken over with almost all of the oven cleans and loves it. 'The satifaction is amazing' as she says.  


Cleaning Team

Welcome to Emma! Kind and caring, soothing and helpful, she's bound to make you feel as happy and refreshed as your bathrooms. We're proud of how well she is doing being part of Peachy Clean.


Cleaning Team

Say hello to Sophie! Our newest starter that comes with plenty of cleaning experience. A real Peachy star in the making, it feels like she's been part of the team forever!

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